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Brazilian industry bets on more safety for motorhomes

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2020 was a year marked by the great expansion of the recreational vehicle scenario in Brazil, a movement that had already shown growth since 2018. Estrella Mobil, one of the largest Brazilian motorhome manufacturers, for example, recorded an 80% increase in sales last year , due to an increase in the target consumer audience, a fact that was also motivated by the pandemic, which led many to look for safer ways to move around the country.

In addition to the need for safety in relation to hygiene, this audience also wanted to be sure about other essential factors for a smooth trip. Would it be possible to travel without worrying about possible unexpected stops along the way? What would be the chances of any part of the vehicle breaking during the trip? What precautions would you take when renting or buying a motorhome?

The good news is that the Brazilian market offers positive answers to all these questions. Today, recreational vehicles manufactured in Brazil have similar or even more advanced structures compared to American and European vehicles, which have more tradition in this segment.

To meet this growing need for safe and comfortable vehicles, one of the main companies in the sector, Estrella Mobil, launches one of the most charming motorhomes in Brazil: the Rigel model, mounted on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. With a capacity of 04 people, it offers space for those traveling with families, friends or guests.

Another strong point of Estrella Mobil is the possibility of creating a motorhome from scratch. Each project is thought of individually: vehicle customization as a model and furniture varies according to the needs and lifestyle of each family: more or less people, couples, one person with several pets, among others.

For Júlio Lemos, owner of Estrella Mobil, the secret lies in the way the vehicle is presented: “To verify that the motorhome is really in good condition, it is first necessary to check all the furniture, electrical and hydraulic systems. If you don’t feel confident in whoever is selling or renting the motorhome, or, for some other reason, feel it’s not the appropriate vehicle, don’t sign a contract,” he recommends.

Important tips for buying a new and safe motorhome:

First of all, understand the main purposes you seek for a motorhome. Today there are specific recreational vehicles for each type of trip: beach, nature, city. What kind of car do you want: big or small? How many people, on average, will be on the road with you? What will be the main destinations? These are key questions to reach the conclusion!

Talk well with the manufacturer: explain your needs, goals with the motorhome and the expectations you hope the car can have.

Check out the quality of motorhome furniture. A recreational vehicle should have light furniture for best road performance.

See if the motorhome has a good electrical and hydraulic part and a good range for long trips.

Check that the vehicle has suitable equipment for motorhomes. Many manufacturers still confuse to put adapted residential and fixed equipment in four-wheel houses, and that’s a MISTAKE! On the market today are several tools aimed at recreational vehicles.

Make sure the car’s layout is well distributed to provide comfort and practicality for use and long journeys.

About Estrella Mobil

Estrella Mobil is a manufacturer of Motorhomes (Recreational vehicles) established on a know-how of more than 20 years in the design and construction of Special Vehicles and on the experience coming from the Aeronautical Industry on the part of its founders. Based on the experience of its team, Estrella-Mobil can offer products with advanced technology and design that are at the forefront thanks to the excellent construction techniques adopted.

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