Estrella Mobil Motorhomes

Estrella Mobil Motorhome

First 100% autonomous motorhome is manufactured in Brazil

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Estrela Mobil, a manufacturer of customized recreational vehicles, created the first and only 100% autonomous motorhome in the country that offers uninterrupted electricity, air conditioning and hot water without relying on any external energy source.

For this, any motorhome or in specific Estrella Mobil expedition models can be equipped with the Starlight kit which, unlike conventional motorhomes, which use the vehicle’s alternator located in the engine for energy production, it has two distinct sources of energy generation. .

The first is done by means of solar energy that generates up to 1,200 Watts of power and the second by means of a solution created exclusively in Brazil that uses a new equipment coupled to the vehicle generating energy exclusively for the motorhome house.

Water treatment is carried out in two stages. Waste water that falls into the shower or faucet drain goes straight to the waste water box, which automatically does the entire process. The water returns to the box clean, free of contaminants and ready for reuse.

Another differential is the use of the composting toilet, which instead of using water for flushing, uses dry and wet organic materials, such as toilet paper and sawdust, which avoid the creation of sewage that would be thrown into the environment, polluting rivers. . In addition, with the use of the compostable toilet, the smell produced by the feces is eliminated automatically.

Read more at:–autonomo-e-fabricado-no-brasil.html?Foto1

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